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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Morning long run!

Got up early this morning because of the impending heat (Heat index predicted to be over 105!), so we could get out for a long run. I wanted to get in 8 miles, with the plan being that I would start with Betsy and Cole, push off on my own, then meet up half way. However, on the way up, we heard about traffic on the beltway, so Betsy dropped me off at the National Harbor and I started running what we thought was a 2.5 mile run over to the bathrooms and parking lot on the Mt Vernon Trail then continue past until I caught up with Betsy and Cole. Well, it turned out to be almost 4 miles! So, it took forever for me to catch Betsy and the lack of cover really took its toll. I had to stop and get some water and soak my head before getting going again and then went a 1.5 miles more before I found Betsy and Cole. At that point, we walked for a minute and then I started running with the little guy, stopping every 1/2 mile or so to wait for Betsy so Cole could cheer her on! We would let her pass then I would hear Cole "Dada... Catch... Mama!... Ready... Set... Go!!!" So cute! Well despite the heat, lack of cover early, the climb over the bridge, etc... it was a pretty decent run, with me finishing with an 8:05 min/mile pace (the mile I ran with Betsy I had an 8:43 min/mile).

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2010 Efforts!

This year, like last year, I will be riding for Mary Payton's Miracle - My friend Steve Kogos from Trigators informed me that his friend Joe's daughter, Mary Payton, was diagnosed a number of years back with Late Infantile Batten Disease. This is a disease with no cure, however, there are special experimental (and extremely expensive) treatments which have shown some significant signs of success! In order to assist with the costly treatments and research, Mary Payton's Miracle was created to raise money to find a cure, hopefully in time to save little Mary Payton as well as the many others affected by this terrible disease!

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