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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Long run-10 miles

It was 44 degrees and pitch black when I woke up this morning at 6am, (WOW I really hate when the summer goes away), so I wussed out and just laid back in bed to 'warm up' before heading to work, with the idea that I would leave a bit early, go for my long run and then work on my proposal presentation while Betsy drove us out to her Mom's house in Charlottesville (Betsy's brother John is showing some of his artwork at an art show on Saturday). So I left around 2 and came home and set off with Betsy and the Cole-man. We got in a five mile loop together, keeping about an 8:30-8:45 min/mile pace. After about 5.2 miles, Betsy and Cole went inside and I set off for the second half of the route. It was at this point that with me feeling pretty damn good I decided to push a bit and succeeded in increasing my pace on each successive mile, ultimately finishing mile 10 at a 6:56 min/mile pace! Overall, my I finished with an 8:10 min/mile pace with miles in 8:30, 8:30, 8:27, 8:41, 8:43, 8:15, 8:08, 7:47, 7:40, and 6:56. Overall it was a great run and the dehydration from the run should keep my bladder at bay for the 3 hour drive to Charlottesville!

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2010 Efforts!

This year, like last year, I will be riding for Mary Payton's Miracle - My friend Steve Kogos from Trigators informed me that his friend Joe's daughter, Mary Payton, was diagnosed a number of years back with Late Infantile Batten Disease. This is a disease with no cure, however, there are special experimental (and extremely expensive) treatments which have shown some significant signs of success! In order to assist with the costly treatments and research, Mary Payton's Miracle was created to raise money to find a cure, hopefully in time to save little Mary Payton as well as the many others affected by this terrible disease!

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