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Sunday, April 6, 2008

1st Race of the Year - CUA Triathlon

Yesterday was my first race of this year, the Catholic University of America Sprint Triathlon! It was a really fun race and went really well. It started off with a pool swim in the CUA pool, with each racer being seeded in order based on their percieved 500 yd swim time. Since I no longer have a pool to use readily, I gave myself a slower time than I usually would have been able to do. Unfortunately alot of other people had other ideas. Based on the way that we snaked up and down each lane, there wasn't enough room to pass, so I was stuck behind alot of people unnecessarily so my time was a lot slower than I could have finished in. However, once on the bike, I felt really strong pushing the whole way through the five loops for the 13 mile ride. I avg about 18.4 mph, which ordinarily wouldn't be that great for me, but considering the large number of 90 degree turns and the fact that I dropped my chain once, it was a pretty strong ride. I then got off after the 5 loops and threw on my running shoes and hit the road. My first mile was a bit labored, but I quickly got my pace and overcame a side stitch and got into rhythm, finishing with a 7:40 min/mile avg. Overall it was a really fun race and I am really looking forward to getting the official results online!

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Anonymous said...

Josh, I did the CUA triathlon as well and have been searching for the official results. I was my first and wanted to see where I finished in the big picture.

Did I talk to you after the race in the locker room? I said something like, "My run went well, but my bike sucked" and you said something like "oh, I'm just the opposite"

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