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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Been a crappy workout week, but decent ride today

Riding the Mt Carmel ride with a few changes. Started off really congested, like I used to have with allergies. Oddly it has rained every day the past week, so pollen counts are really low, so perhaps molds are my problem? Anyway, could hardly breath for the first 8 miles or so, but then the congestion cleared and loosened up a lot. Felt pretty good for the rest until the end when my shoulder started to hurt again. Really need to work on strengthening my core so my shoulder won't be an issue. Overall I felt a bit better about the new bike positioning.

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2010 Efforts!

This year, like last year, I will be riding for Mary Payton's Miracle - My friend Steve Kogos from Trigators informed me that his friend Joe's daughter, Mary Payton, was diagnosed a number of years back with Late Infantile Batten Disease. This is a disease with no cure, however, there are special experimental (and extremely expensive) treatments which have shown some significant signs of success! In order to assist with the costly treatments and research, Mary Payton's Miracle was created to raise money to find a cure, hopefully in time to save little Mary Payton as well as the many others affected by this terrible disease!

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